4th Melodies with a Taste of the Sea

09. Jul. 2015. to 20. Aug. 2015.
Event location: 

Do you know how melodies sound with a taste of the sea? We have found two perfect places where the music sounds even better and warms our hearts even more. The quaint coastal towns of Dramalj and Jadranovo are the perfect hosts for such events. The beautiful nature, the murmur of the sea, and the romantic atmosphere give the well-known melodies a totally new dimension.

09th of July 2015

Dramalj - Pazdehova port

21:00 - singing choir „Josip Kaplan"
On the firts "Melodies with the Taste of The Sea" there will be concert of singing choir "Josip Kaplan". The Choir was founded in the 2006, and since then has achived numerous performances and won various awards. In their rich repertoire members of the choirs cerished the musical opus of the northern Croatian coast, but interpret also folk and popular music as well as gospel compostions.

16th of July 2015

Jadranovo - waterfront Mulina
21:00 - Music group "Yamas"
The music group "Yamas" has been active for 8 years, and gathers four musically educated young girls: Matea Matic, Barbara Kežic, Tatjana
Dukic-Milic and Ines Cech. Promoting their music for years on various events and solo concerts, this vocal group succeeded to release their first album. Fully booked calendar with sold-out dates gives them joy and confidence for future successes.

July 30th Dramalj - Pazdehova Port
21:00 - Sandra Bagaric,Đani Stipanicev and Darko Domitrovic

Sandra Bagaric is a famous opera singer, whose musical education began in Sarajevo and finished with a graduation from the Music Academy in
Zagreb in the class soprano. She starred in numerous operas and has published three CDs. Takes musical shows and show programs on television. Darko
Domitrovic's musical education began in Zagreb, and then continued with piano studies in Moscow. Since 1990 he has worked as an artistic associate at the Music Academy in Zagreb. He has won numerous prizes at various competitions. He records and accompanies singers and violinists, composes for piano and solo songs. With them, the guest of the evening is a great Croatian singer, actor and musician Đani Stipanicev. ani is a renowned theater tenor - baritone, the star of local rock operas and
musicals, to the general public known for his vocal abilities and theatrical engagements. These three excellent artists have joined their musical skills and, wherever they perform, they leave the audience breathless.

August 6th Dramalj - Pazdehova port
21:00 - Damir Kedžo and Robert Grubišic

Damir Kedžo, a young singer from Omišalj, presented himself to the wider audience for the first time with a noteworthy performance in "Story
Super Talent Show". Since then he has had many performances on croatian and international festivals and won many awards, and at the "MIK" festival he
is almost "subscribed" to the jury and audience awards. Damir performs with piano accompaniment by composer and music producer Robert Grubišic, author whose songs are performed on all the Croatian festivals. Damir and Robert have so far produced a number of successful collaborations, both as authors and concert performers.


August 13th Jadranovo - waterfront Mulina
21:00 - Karin Kuljanic, Neven Barac and Robert Grubišic

Karin Kuljanic, a four-time winner of the "MIK" festival, always attracts the attention of local audiences with her Mediterranean atmosphere concerts. Karin will be accompanied on piano by Robert Grubišic in performing a program with the most famous songs from local festivals. With Robert's accompaniment on the piano Neven Barac will also perform. Neven Barac is famous songwriter and poet from our region.Through his verses Neven testifies about the time, its transience, love, his home and the coastal homeland. He recently released his first CD "Sufit", and this is the perfect place to present it to you.

August 20th Dramalj - Pazdehova port
20:00 - Vocal Group "DiM"

Female vocal group "DiM" comes from Delnice and Mrkopalj and gathers nine young girls who like to spend their free time with music. The group has been active since 2004., and from the start it has been lead by the pianist and accordion player Damir Zagoršcak Zagor. The group has had a number of successful performances and musical
collaboration. They perform domestic and foreign covers, pop and rock evergreens, black spiritual songs and traditional songs of their region.


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