During the summer each day is an exciting story. The mornings start at a slower pace and by nighttime develop into something everyone can enjoy. It is particularly lively in July and August when something new is happening every day on the Crikvenica Riviera. These two months are reserved for a rich and varied program called Crikvenica Summer Showtime, organised by Crikvenica Tourist Board to fulfill the riviera with various entertaining and cultural events. Showtime connects traditional with modern and provides entertainment for every generation, music, dance and film lovers, as well as gourmets, local customs and many other fun activities.

Five major events have already left their mark and gained many fans, that's why they have a special place in Crikvenica Summer Showntime. Starting with (Sr)etno Selce ( July 12th – 13th), that brings joy to this small coastal town, with concerts, presentation of old customs, fairs of local products and many other events. The Festival of Street Entertainers CrikvArt (July 19th-20th) will turn the streets and squares of Crikvenica into an exciting open-air stage. Unique street entertainers will also take over the streets of Selce at Selce Street Art Festival from August 9th -10th. The century-old tradition of tourism in Selce has been celebrated for decades at the beginning of August. This year will not be an exception, the Days of Tourism  from August 1st - 4th will once more entertain many visitors. The story will traditionally culminate with the Fisherman's week  (August 24th – 31st), one of the oldest events in Crikvenica. The connection of local people with the sea and the rich fishing tradition is shown through various entertainment, cultural, sport-recreational and gastronomic events.
Besides to the five previously mentioned events, each week in July and August, across the riviera, there will be additional entertaining events. Mondays visitors in Crikvenica and Selce will enjoy international music pop & rock hits at Music summer nights. Wednesdays on the Traditional Fishermen's nights in Crikvenica and Selce, fishermen's will represent their skills and knowledge and discover the secrets of their crafts. Thursday is a day for the well-known Melodies with the taste of the sea in Dramalj and Jadranovo, which will create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere by the sea in the company of top musicians. Thursdays Primorje nights will be held in Crikvenica and Selce, with a music program and a rich offer of traditional and original souvenirs and homemade products. Fridays Tribute nights will bring lots of songs and dance with famous top hits such as Abba and Beatles to the center of Crikvenica and Selce. On Sundays be sure to bring popcorn to the Crikvenica beach as Open-air cinema awaits.

Crikvenica Summer Showtime - a source of great fun, pleasant atmosphere and your best friend in July and August!



(Sr)etno Selce - Ethno festival
Tourism Days
Selce Street Art Festival
Fisherman`s week



Music Summer Nights - Selce

Music Summer Nights - Crikvenica

Traditional Fisherman`s Nights - Crikvenica
Traditional Fisherman`s Nights - Selce

Melodies With The Taste Of The Sea - Dramalj
Melodies With The Taste Of The Sea - Jadranovo
Primorje Nights - Crikvenica
Primorje Nights - Selce

Tribute nights

Open air Cinema



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