Mediterranean labyrinth of love in Crikvenica

05. Jun. 2013.
Event location: 

Crikvenica will get their first labyrinth, Mediterranean labyrinth of love, which is is located at the end of the Kotorska street (under Badanj fort, near Dubračina river). Opening ceremony will be held on wednesday, July 5th 2013. Labyrinth was built after the idea by the "Kušac" association, with the support from Crikvenica tourist board, "Murvica" municipal company  and "Bio-budućnost" company.

Besides being one of the oldest known symbols, labyrinth provides the energy needed to achieve life goals. There are nine types of labyrinths. Every one of them provides deep knowlegde about specific areas of life.

Mediterranean labyrint of love in Crikvenica, among others, accomplishes wishes, rejuvenates, makes people more beautiful, relieves from addiction, greed and jealousy and encourages creativity. It is interested, that the labyrinth is made completely from laurel, which typical plant of the Mediterrane. Laurel was not selected by accident. In 1926, the first laurel park was built and it extends along beach to the Stjepan Radić square, and it is one of the rare parks that has kept its historic matriy layout. Many of the 600 laurels, we have nowadays in Crikvenica, attracted numerous guests during the past with its pleasent scent. Laurel leafs are often a dear vacation souvenir.

The opening ceremony will start at 7 p.m., with the performance by "Sveta Jelena" female vocal group, Željka Brdar wit her love songs and children's choir led by Ana Debelić, which will remind us of the love and joy in each and every one of us. The lyrics and thoughts of Marija Kukuljan will adduce some completely new worlds to everybody present.

Join us and visit the Mediterranean labyrinth of Love in Crikvenica and experience the unique energy and enjoy in silence and nature sorroundings.

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